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Our Story

5 years ago Sofia, unbeknownst to her, embarked on a beautiful journey on an e-bike!

She was so thrown by this experience that after spending 20 minutes riding the e-bike around a 100 square feet area she shared it with Costas on the Tourist EXPO they were exploring. The rest is…ancient history!!

The ride was so comfortable, smooth and exciting that they decided to spread the word about the integrated experience an e-bike could offer in Athens, their home city. Costas and Sofia thought that the e-bike (pedelec) they had discovered was a unique opportunity to offer foreigners the experience they were looking for: the old meets the modern blending in new images, new smells and new tastes along with the Greek history and culture.

Solebike’s founders made sure they matched the innovative technology of e-bikes with modern gear and compatible tour escorts for a well rounded tourist experience and…. the dream came true! Solebike.

Today, our Bosch mid-motor pedelecs are your vehicle to explore hilly Athens in a comfortable and fun way as it may take you to places where the bus can’t go and walking the distance under the Mediterranean sun is a challenge. Whether traveling with family or friends, our Electric Bike Tours are a unique way to explore Athens indisputable gems and little secrets.

We are passionate to show you the magnificent city there is, each and every time we go out on our pedelecs”

Solebike team

acropolis and flowers edit
Alex & Andreas edit
Andreas at zappeion edit
Atala black close-up edit
neoclassical trilogy edit
bike and Attica mall edit
bikes at Psiri edit
bikes in the garden edit

Our Team


Founder and CEO

join my tours and let me and my team to travel you into the marvels of Athens.


Co-founder and Photographer

I love Athens, Yoga, eBike and making photos, not particular in this order.


Tour Coordinator GR, EN, FR, SP

it is always refreshing to meet new people and ride with them in my city showing beautiful parts of Athens


Tour Coordinator EN, FR

I look forward to showing you around this wonderful city.


Tour Coordinator GR, EN, SP, IT

I will be very happy to take you around the city I love and show you the culture, traditions and the way the locals live.
Ps. Food lover

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