Around Acropolis

The Acropolis is hard to escape as it becomes visible from almost everywhere in the city, but Athens is actually a collage of lively, inspiring, unique neighborhoods to discover and explore. Beneath the sacred rock and around the Acropolis Museum, stretches the longest pedestrian street Dionysiou Areopagitou that defines the upscale area of Makrigianni. This is the place where travelers meet to hike to the Acropolis and locals stroll during Sundays. 

As soon as you have visited the Acropolis and the museum, move around the narrow, tiny, marble paved streets of Plaka. This is the oldest part of the greek capital, with remarkable buildings, picturesque alleys and ideal pedestrian routes. It can get pretty packed during peak seasons. 

Above Plaka and beneath the eastern side of Acropolis, an idyllic setting will give you an island breeze, the “walking in an island” feel.  Small houses built by stone architects and workers coming from the greek island of Anafi offer spectacular views of the city. Remember to remain silent out of respect for the residents. 

Southwest of Makrigianni, find the hip residential area of Koukaki. The working class counterpart of Kolonaki, an overlooked neighborhood is nowadays bustling with good vibes and offers undeniable local experiences to travellers. Unlike the nearby busy Plaka neighborhood, this district has a warm urban community feel.  Unpretentious restaurants, cafes, galleries, local shops, self service laundries and cool affordable priced accommodation, offer insights into traditional Athenian lifestyle. Philopappou Hill is minutes away and the view from above will make your heart skip one, maybe two beats!

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