Top to See in Athens

The Acropolis.You can’t but visit the crown jewel of Athens, on the sacred Rock of Acropolis, especially if it’s your first time visiting Athens. Parthenon, …

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Lycabettus and Kolonaki

One of my first rides when I wanted to test the potential of the electric bike was to go to Lycabettus. I was there before …

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Cycling in Athens

Athens is one of the cities we would not call “bike friendly”. But it is, as most of our customers say, a “people-friendly” city, and …

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Electric assistance and sightseeing

Before getting acquainted with the electric bike I used to ride on Sundays or occasionally a few times a month. My companion Sophia even less …

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How to get around in Athens

Welcome to Athens! Once you arrive at the Athens International Airport you have the option to use the metro or the train that gets you downtown …

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Around Acropolis

The Acropolis is hard to escape as it becomes visible from almost everywhere in the city, but Athens is actually a collage of lively, inspiring, …

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