Emerging Neighborhoods: Kerameikos & Metaxourgeio

Between Ermou, Pireos and Asomaton Streets, you will come across the archaeological site of Kerameikos. During the ancient times, the area was originally a settlement of potters and vase painters due to the rich clay deposits of Eridanus River. However, those parts located near the riverbank suffered from the constant overflowing of the river. This rendered the place difficult to work and live in and it was therefore converted into one of the most significant burial grounds of ancient Athens.

Today, Kerameikos is the perfect neighborhood for those in seek of food orgasms! The new up and coming district of the city bears together uncommon elements. Industrialized aesthetics and a source of polyethnic cultures shape a spicy, urban neighborhood that has not been under the spotlight, since the very Ancient times. 

Another quiet, downtempo yet emerging neighborhood is that of Metaxourgeio. An area that doesn’t look pretty and inviting at first glance, is one of extremes. Stepping too close to Omonoia feels like landing in a 1980s New York street. Head further down to see beautiful restored neoclassical buildings and loft appartments. An artistic and stylish district with many art galleries, hip restaurants and cozy cafes reinforce a budding sense of community around the area. 

Originally a thriving working class neighborhood, the neighborhood got abandoned for plenty of years up until the Olympic Games of 2004. If nightlife attractions, urban multi-functional spaces and a communal sense are your “cups of tea”, find your apartment in the hood and hit the roads.  Metaxourgeio, underneath its rough exterior, has a lot to offer. 

Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio, stand for the alternative options for all those who love immersing themselves into local cultures. 

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