Famous and 1 Unknown Museums of Athens

Meet some treasuries we like most

Famous and One Unknown Museums of Athens:

An exciting walk through the cradle of art and history and a contemporary European metropolis, includes visits to some of the most significant museums of Athens. Fascinating parts of Greek history and culture hosting exhibitions of extraordinary beauty awaiting to be discovered. Check out some museums you should definitely visit, when in Athens.


National Archaeological museum

The National Archaeological Museum is the oldest and most significant museum in Greece.  A beautiful neoclassical building of the 19th century designed by Lange and remodeled by Ziller.

Home of more than 11.000 exhibits the museum provides a complete view of the Greek civilization from the beginnings of prehistory to late antiquity.

Lear more and visit: http://www.namuseum.gr/museum/index-en.html


Acropolis museum

The Acropolis museum is astonishing. A state-of-the-art Bernard Tschumi building with glass floors and wide windows allowing the sun to shed light upon glimpses of ruins and artifacts, marble statues of unparalleled beauty and fragments of ancient temples. The Parthenon gallery, located on top floor with the glass atrium showcasing pieces of the Panathenaic Procession, is the highlight of the visit. Trust us and do have lunch at the restaurant offering exquisite cuisine, good prices and wonderful panoramic views of the Acropolis.

Lear more and visit: https://www.theacropolismuseum.gr/en


Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic art is comprised of two marvelous buildings in Athens interconnected with a glass-roofed corridor. The Main building houses the permanent collection and the imposing Stathatos Mansion, designed by Ernst Ziller, houses the temporary ones. The exhibitions, permanent and temporary are dedicated to the study of the ancient cultured of the Aegean as well as Cyprus.

Learn more and visit: https://cycladic.gr/en


Museum of Greek Folk Musical instruments

The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments houses more than a 1.000 greek popular instruments dating from the 18th century. This museum is owed to the long passionate study of the musicologist Fivos Anoyanakis and is housed in a breathtaking mansion dating back to 1842, in the Plaka district. All the instruments provide beautiful aesthetic value and great ethnological interest, making the visit a pretty insightful, off the beaten path cultural experience!

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