Few of Our Favorite Sights to See in Athens

the impressions of these sights will tell you a lot about the history of the city

Few of Our Favorite Sights to See in Athens:

The Acropolis

You can’t but visit the crown jewel of Athens, on the sacred Rock of Acropolis, especially if it’s your first time visiting Athens. The Parthenon, rising above the concrete jungle of modern Athens epitomizes the glory of Ancient Greece.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

A must visit; this marvelous temple is the largest in Greece.  Now, only 15 out of the 104 Corinthian 17meters high columns have survived and a sixteenth lying on the ground. The temple is located very close to the Hadrian’s arch, Zappeion and Panathenaic Stadium.

Admission to the site is included with the Acropolis combo ticket.

Ancient Agora

Just about every ancient and modern city includes a place for a market, the Agora of Athens, being located at the heart of the city, remained in use either as an assembly, as a commercial, or as a residential area for about 5000 years. The lively hub of administrative, commercial, political and social activity is located beneath the northwest slope of the Acropolis.

Admission to the site is included with the Acropolis combo ticket.

The Hill of Pnyx

Welcome to the first site of democracy. The Hill of Pnyx operated as the official meeting hub of the democratic assembly in the 5th century BC. Located west of the Acropolis and north of Filopappou Hill, the Pnyx Hill is a peaceful spot, a historical site of great significance, offering great insights into the ancient Athenian life.

The National Gardens

Designed by Queen Amalia in 1838, the national gardens used to be the royal gardens standing next to the palace, which nowadays serves as the Greek Parliament. A pleasant getaway, offering shelter during the summer heat and the traffic. The diverse vegetation, the fountains and the hidden pavilions make the National Garden the perfect place for a nice stroll downtown.

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