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For the tours with daily departure you can book from your device through the Bokun app that gives you real-time availability and guarantee for the safety of the transactions.

You can receive a full refund in case of an unexpected event since we offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the tour.

Also alternatively, we can change the day or time so you can join the tour at the next available slot if something came up during your holiday.

On daily departure sightseeing tours, we do not go inside sites and museums.

Our eBike cycling tours have a specific purpose to give you an excellent orientation of the city and to reveal its unique attractions, and our guides to advise you on what a traveler should visit and see, where to eat and have fun or where to shop in Athens.

However, we organise tailor-made private tours in which, accompanied by a professional guide, we can include a visit to a site or a museum.

To organize a private tour for your group please contact us at [email protected]

If you wish to do any of the tours you see on our website privately, then it is very easy.

Send us your request and our staff will be happy to help you with all the details.

If you want us to organize something different, with your own preferences, we can recommend specific routes or experiences and if our recommendations agree with you we would be happy to provide an alternative tour.

We normally offer tours in English, French or German but at your request we can try to accommodate other languages as well.

Our electric bikes are suitable for adults and children 1.5m (4’9”) or taller. On the daily tours we accept groups where the minors are at least 14 years old.
Children, like adult guests, must have good cycling skills.

For families with children younger than 13, toddlers or infants, we provide a special “Cycling with children” tour lasting approximately 2.5 hours.
On this tour, young children who would not be safe on ebikes use conventional bikes and for the very young we have attachable trailers or bike seats.

Contact us if you need more information about the cycling experience in Athens with your children, the possibilities, the equipment and the safety we offer.

On all of our tours, regardless of their duration or content, we offer a drink or a snack or both.

We recommend that you refer to the “included” segment of each tour where the drink or food included in the price of the tour is described exactly.

Aside from that, on all tours we provide a complimentary water bottle to bring with you on the bike, which has a cup holder.

Our daily tours are attended by visitors who have booked through different channels and know the time they should arrive at the meeting point.
As such, everyone that would participate in the same departure, should comply on the schedule.

Because a reason for delay may occur, we always recommend that you call us for an update.

Depending on the extent of the delay, you could either meet the group that left on time at another point and continue with the tour from there, or join another tour when there is an availability, if the delay affects a significant part of the experience.

We can arrange your pickup from and return transfer to your Hotel, the Piraeus passenger port or the Cruise Terminal and also the Athens Airport.

We collaborate with long established companies that provide new vehicles and English-speaking experienced drivers.

Please send your transport inquiry at [email protected] and our staff will happily facilitate you with all the details.

The electric bicycle, commonly known as eBike, is a technological development over the conventional bicycle. This technology applies an electric motor and a battery to the bicycle frame and assists the rider during cycling.

The currently common eBike, when compatible with European regulations is considered a bicycle, belongs to the pedal-assisted category and does not have an accelerator for use.

The assistance is solely activated when the rider pedals and that’s why the experience on an eBike is an authentic cycling activity and anyone who knows how to ride a conventional bike can ride an ebike.

There are three pillars that the global outdoor community undeniably follows: safety, safety, safety.

It is our obligation to provide you with a bicycle helmet for your participation in the cycling activities we are organising.

The route includes different types of roads and we share them with other vehicles and pedestrians.
A fall from the bike, even at the low speed of our tours (8km/h) is always possible, and the helmet can protect you.

An adult rider who does not wish to wear a helmet must, for insurance reasons, declare this by signing the liability release form.

Minors are obligated by law to wear a helmet. We have sizes for all ages.

Our helmets are certified. After each tour we make sure to disinfect them so that they are ready for the next departure.

The eBikes in our fleet are suitable for riders who are at least 1.5m (4’9”) tall. But there are experienced riders under this height limit who can safely use an eBike.

Our policy for a safe tour includes an individual bike fitting for each rider, after which each guest performs a test ride in a safe area prior to the tour departure, to make sure the rider can participate safely.

The eBikes in our fleet, as is generally the case in the eBike industry, have a limit on the total weight they can safely carry as specified by the manufacturer.

Our bikes have a total weight limit of 110 kg (242 lb) for the rider and his gear.

In case you are above this weight limit, contact us in advance to try find the appropriate solution so you can possibly join the tour.

Our tour guides are enthusiastic professionals, usually regular members of solebike company, who are distinguished by their love for this job.
They are trained and knowledgeable on all matters pertaining to the safe and fun completion of your experience.

As tourism provision involves human contact, rewarding their efforts is essential to improve and confirm their performance.
Tipping is not mandatory, but it is very essential to their work.

If you are happy with their performance, a tip is welcome and very much appreciated.

It is true that today we all look for guests’ reviews before deciding who to trust with our money or our available time.

Multiple opinions, when unbiased and available for a business, help us get a picture of the experience we want to have.

That’s why with your own evaluation on solebike you will help the next travellers to decide, we hope, that we are one of their best choices for touring Athens by bike.

Our eBike tours depart daily with small groups, no larger than 10 people.

Within our small groups we achieve a more friendly atmosphere between the participants and we can communicate better with you.

Our guide addresses to the group via the modern audio system that we provide you free of charge.

If you are with a larger group then contact us at [email protected] to organise a private tour for you.

One of the advantages of the pedal-assisted eBike is precisely this technology that helps the rider up to 300% in the cycling effort.
As a result, you consume much less energy and the activity becomes more relaxing.
Also with an eBike you are able to go uphill with the same ease as you would in a flat area.

In Athens, our tour routes have quite a few shaded parts, we also make stops in shaded places and move at a slow pace.
We make sure to hydrate you with the bottled water we offer you for free to have on the tour.

Occasionally, when the temperature is very high in the summer, then we stop the midday tours and all our departures take place in the morning before the temperature rises.

Absolutely, we can store your luggage at our place. Unfortunately due to the limited space we can accommodate only a few articles of luggage at a time.

However, there are leave-your-luggage businesses near us and our staff will be happy to help you manage the temporary storage of your luggage in case they exceed our capacity.

Please inform us in advance if you intend to do so.

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