Cycling in Athens

Athens is one of the cities we would not call “bike friendly”. But it is, as most of our customers say, a “people-friendly” city, and that makes us optimistic to keep on  recommending cycling tours to our guests.

Like many other major cities, traffic is full-time rush hour, cars are everywhere, even at the expense of pedestrians. Unfortunately in Athens except for a single bike lane that connects the center to the beach, there is no other cycling infrastructure.

One overlooks the first impression, however, and focus on some other characteristics, will find elements that make cycling a joy and full of revelations of a city that has many hidden secrets on top of the wonderful attractions.

Athens has a big network of small streets that are usually less driven by cars and we ride them to move from the center to some interesting neighbourhoods. Like this we reach Kolonaki and Lycabettus, Exarchia, Neapolis and the Archaeological Museum. We can also cycle through the region of Omonoia and Metaxourgio to reach the Botanico with the ancient Plato’s Academy.

Back streets at Pagrati and Κesarianι give us access to Hymettus mountain through a demanding ascent via the serpentine road and compensate us with a spectacular view of Athens from the observatory.

The coast of Athens, our Riviera, is now easily accessible from the bike lane that connects it with the historic center.

With our tips and hints, an experienced cyclist will easily discover the city by bicycle. The less experienced riders will head over the hills riding an eBike and discover a city full of monuments, architecture, aesthetic streets, shops of different style and flavors, small theme museums and hidden relaxation parks.

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