Electric assistance and sightseeing


Before getting acquainted with the electric bike I used to ride on Sundays or occasionally a few times a month.

My companion Sophia even less since her every attempt was disturbed by the hurried car horn in the traffic light as the bike could not accelerate quickly, so she was discouraged to use it. We missed opportunities to do things together while cycling and discovering our city.

All this has been in the past since the day we encountered an electric bicycle. Getting to know it, was exciting and changed our lives dramatically.

The uphill is no longer a problem and at the traffic lights we start with decent acceleration. Anyone who knows how to ride a bike can get anywhere. The hills and ascents are no longer discourage, they simply become part of the magical experience.

And what a delight we get when we easily reach the peak of Lycabettus. Unbelievable how quickly we did it with the electric bike and gained the privilege of enjoying the unique view of the city from above.

Athens has a reliefs landscape and a sightseeing tour becomes a charming and enjoyable adventure with the use of eBikes. We travel with ease on small and large streets and reach attractions irrespective of their altitude or how far they are. Everything is possible!

New technology electric bikes, like the ones available at solebike, have the mid-motor system. They are is extremely friendly to the user who just needs to pedal to move around.

For every age and physical condition, discovering the city by eBike becomes a totally fun experience where one can cover many kilometres in a few hours, reach more than any other way of transportation, and why not, become a fan of a better future for urban mobility.

Join one of our eBike tours and I bet you go back home and buy one eBike for yourself! 




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